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God meeting Guy Richards in Orange County California



Let me set the stage. I get an invitation to come out to Orange County California (from NJ) to meet a possible client. I’m a little hesitant just because of the fact that it isn’t a client yet and I haven’t talked to them. The invitation came through a friend. This friend is Jerry Twombly. Jerry is an author, fundraiser and leadership developer to name a few. Bust most importantly he has a heart for the Lord.

So I decided to come. This is my first time in CA. We get to the house where we are staying and Keri the owner of the house leads me to my room. I walk in and see my client’s (Surfing Artists International) pictures on the wall. I Guy_Richards_cali2 quickly opened my suitcase and pulled out my portfolio and showed Keri and Jerry the catalog I designed with these exact paintings in them.

 Surfing Artists International is not only a client of mine but the founder Phil DeAngelo is a great friend, my deacon and the one praying for me. I called Phil and told him the story. “Now way” was his response.

Tears started filling my eyes thinking how GREAT God is.Guy_Richards_portfolio

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