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God Moments at the ICRS Show

On Thursday I was sitting at the Abiah booth talking with Mark from Outreach Magazine and noticed Brian “Head” Welch formally from Korn walking towards us. He stopped next to us. When I looked over again I saw Chris was talking to him. For a moment I couldn’t figure it out.

Chris had been witnessing to the guy in the booth next to us. He didn’t know the Lord, he was sent there to sell for his dad. On one of the days Chris took him to lunch and they passed a picture of Brian Welch. The guy said he liked and use to listen to him. Later Chris was walking the trade show floor by himself and he noticed Brian signing autographs and taking pictures. Chris told him the story and Brian left the entourage of people and was on his way to meet the guy next to us. The funny thing was Chris didn’t even know his name at this point.


Needless to say I saw God move. All week Chris was talking about this guy. He was saying things like God could has me here just for him. It was so real that the guy from Outreach Magazine was touched.


God is moving huge not just here but also in the lives of the youth who can see through the lies of this world.


I love having (Pastor/NJ State Trooper) Chris around.

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