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Sushi and my friend Kevin

I have a friend who ran the sushi bar at my local grocery store for the last 5 years. The grocery store outsourced the sushi bar to a vendor who Kevin worked for.

About a month ago Kevin’s company lost the contract with he grocery chain. The store manager asked the new company coming in to hire Kevin. They agreed and flew him out for training. When Kevin arrived he realized that he would have to conform to the new company’s highly profit focused production. Which meant bucket sauce, less quality fish and fatting tricks to make the product look bigger than it is.

Kevin, an immigrant, who has no other source of income for his family, turned it down. He decided it would be better to risk the chance of failure by starting his own business than to fail by becoming a profit generating production specialist that would tarnish the reputation that took him 5 years to establish.

Tonight I ran into Kevin for the first time since he left. Smiling, he shared with me how he just secured a location on Bay Avenue in Somers Point, and is waiting on his wife to settle on a name. :)

Saying no to the ordinary can hurt, but a clear conscious makes up for it.

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