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Chaos and Gaps

When the leader is physically or emotionally absent, chaos runs wild.

I heard a story this morning about a mom who would leave her three young daughters home for days on end. There was not just physical neglect but emotional. The lady has about 17 children from who knows how many men. During the mothers absence, one of the daughters who was about 8 drowned her infant sister.  

Could the young girls mind been so warped by the neglect that the mother caused that she thought she was protecting her young sister from the pain? I don’t know.

But what I do know, is that this could have been avoided if the mother was physically and emotionally invested in her children.

This is an eye opening correlation for CEO’s, managers, in fact, anyone. When we as leaders invest guidance in those coming up the ranks, we cause hope and inspiration. When we neglect to share our knowledge and time, we leave gaps. And gaps leave ripples.

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