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Internally saying no or wait!

This weekend I stopped past the annual ski sale in our town. I picked up a great deal on two used sets of skis and boots… $115. Plus grabbed a pair of Oakley Goggles for $10. My wife and I are snowboarders but have been teaching our 3 year old to ski.


I knew I had to sit down and write this post but all I could think about was playing with our new skis. It’s funny how the more money we have, the more things we acquire the more our focus becomes dispersed? The less we acquire the easier it is to focus on what leads us closer the preferable future we desire.


It’s the same in business. We have a vision to reach a goal but we almost unknowingly start adding things to our portfolio that lead us away from the vision. The hardest part about focus is having to internally say no or wait to the desires that can sidetrack us.


This could be:

Prioritizing your project of the day first, email second.


Accelerate R&D on your main product and scraping the low selling products.


Saying no to the offers from people who would like you to invest in their business to focus on yours.



What ever it is I’m sure your thinking of it right now. It hurts to suppress the desires but it will be so much better later.



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