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Regardless if you are in the “sweet spot” of your talent or not, you will be faced with obstacles that will challenge you.

There are only three outcomes that can happen when an obstacle surfaces:

  1. You decide it is too hard.
  2. You try and then quit.
  3. You work through the problems and complete it.

I have found that winners (those who complete) are mainly motivated by the process to reach the end. It is about completing the task with the least amount of screw-ups more so than the victory. Because after one victory winners rarely sit on their laurels, they are on to the challenge.

Your Next Step:
For the next 30 days, brush your teeth with the opposite hand you normally use. Within a week you will be faster and more accurate and within 30 days you will probably be working at 70% – 90% of you dominate hand.

Use this little experiment to help you understand your personal learning curve. and breaking point.

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