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Surrounded by Winners

We all have the desire to develop, but we accelerate when we surround ourselves with people who are more talented than we are.

This weekend I was golfing at a fundraiser. We were on a par 3. Between the green and us was water. The first man in our foursome landed on the green, and so did the second and third. Now it’s my turn. I was trying to focus as the group cheered me on. Saying things like, “you got this,” and “this is your hole.” (Because the first 12 weren’t my holes.) 

I tried my best to tune out the excitement of the group. I placed my ball on the tee, swung my best and heard the club make contact. I quickly looked up and watched my ball land about 10 yards out in the water. My first thought was ”I’m the only one that didn’t make it.”

Being around golfers who are better than me really increased my desire to do better. It is always good to be in a group of people who are all more talented then you. It gives you inspiration to reach farther.

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