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Impact List

Every great leader that has used their position to positively influence those around them is a by-product of someone.

These are the rare people, that when they speak they empower others to push past their own boundaries.

These people are not necessarily rich or influential in culture but are willing to stand for what they believe, even in the face of opposition. The ones that say what they mean and mean what they say.

I know that time is a resource that is in high demand. So I’ll be quick.

1. Grab the closest piece of paper to you.

2. Think or those friends, pastors, authors, relatives, etc. that have had a positive influence on your life.

3. Write their names, titles and how they played a part in who you are today.

Now share the results with a close friend and enjoy the memories. Chances are, you are on someone else’s list because of the people on your list.


Dedicated to Ben.

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