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Invisible Line

There is a burden that only leaders can understand… an invisible line that once it’s crossed you can never go back.

To be elevated past the line means you have an opportunity to make a great impact. But it also means that those you lead will view you different. They will not understand your full responsibility or all the reasons you make decisions. They will suspect you have it easy, not understanding that you’re probably up most nights thinking how to minimize the burden of others.

For those who have crossed the invisible line I commend you, leadership is not all glamour as most non-leaders view it. But you know that.

I have found that the best way to engage those under the invisible line is to be over sensitive to unspoken communications.

1. If you’re on travel with an employee and there is one bed, sleep on the floor.

2. If you have a Snickers offer it (for real), then give away the bigger half.

3. If you have to make a hard decision, be the first to sacrifice.

These simple actions will be the roots of reaching the movements cause. But you will have to care about reaching the cause more than you care about your comfort.

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