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David & Goliath

I have so much to talk about, but time is moving so fast. I got back from Indy late Friday night from the CBA conference. The conference went great. I met a lot of people who have hearts for the Lord. I’ll be telling you more about that this week. But the pressing matter it last nights game. The Patriots and the Giants.

Last night in the fourth quarter I was a little nervous. Then I told my self this has to happen for God to make it a miracle. The patriots just scored and there was about 4 minutes on the clock, a typical David and Goliath story.  I love how God uses the weak things of this world to humble the proud. So after a short return and a couple of completions the giants are faced with a 3rd &11 and the score is 10 / 14. To me this is much more then a game, to tell you the truth I really don’t follow football or care for it that much. What I do care about is watching God do things that defy all odds. This was an example of that. And excuse me that I don’t know this guys name, but number 85 caught this ball with his helmet and one hand. This catch wasn’t pretty, I guess it must of looked like a 16 year old boy walking on to a field with s slingshot. Then Plaxico Burress Finished off with a catch in the end zone, he then kneeled down. After this when he was interviewed he started crying and thanked God.

They don’t show the “kneel” or the “interview” on but they did show that funny helmet catch. Either way I want you to remember that you don’t have to attended an ivy league school, have parents who are millionaires or a movie star look. God will use you if you allow Him!

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