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Friend overdosed

On Sunday walking into Church I saw a man who said hi and gave the expression like he knew me. I said, hi nodded back and started walking by. About 8 steps later it hit me. This was my friend Andy’s brother. I turned around said “ your Andy’s brother.” He said yes. I was so excited because Andy was a guy I use to hang out with 10-12 years ago. It was a whole group of us. We all liked racing cars. I had a 74 Challenger. The one in the picture. This was before I got saved.

Well, I started asking a lot of questions. How long have you been going to Church? Where is Andy? Then I asked how Mark was. Mark was one of the closest guy’s to me. To set the picture for you. I was the youngest of the group. Mark was about 10 years older then me, about 6ft 5, a black belt in something and always looked out for me. I was the little guy that would cause all the trouble and they would be the ones who backed me. Well this time in my life (about 11th grade) I was doing a lot of drugs, harder drugs. Well, Mark hated this at first then he slowly gave in and we would find our selves on binges hiding from the rest of the group.

So anyway back to the Question, How is mark doing? Andy’s brother said…“You didn’t hear, Mark died about 2 years ago.”  My heart dropped. How!? “He overdosed.”
I felt so bad. One thing I didn’t tell you was why I probably didn’t know. During my twelve grade year I was fighting to get away from this all. I lost my license, sold the Challenger and separated myself from these guys.

I don’t know what the point of me telling you this is other then opening your eyes to what’s out there. This is a rough world and if we get caught up to in our Christian circles we lose touch to the people Satan is killing around us. I say Satan because I was in Marks shoes, I know what that stuff does to you.

For more of a wake up call yesterday I was picking up a plate my wife, daughter and I painted at a pottery place for Valentines day. When I was getting in my car, a girl came running up to my window. She said, “do you know Lauren.” I looked up and two girls were staring at me inside a salon. No, I said. She said it again and said “you tried saving her.” I knew something was up. So then she ran and got Lauren and I knew who she was. She was my girl who use to cut my hair. I would tell her how God changed my life, explain how He could change hers and even took her to a Bible study. Well she accepted Jesus as her savior and was excited to tell me. She has been attending Green Tree Church in EHT, NJ.

Then I asked how is your brother?  I could see it in here face, something was wrong. She told me that he died a year ago. He overdosed on Morphine and Xanax.

Ok, in the last 3 days this has happen. So I make a call to the Church. Comfort people, do the best you can through this day and every day to recognize those people around you who are hurting. You could be the one that has helped someone like me come to know Christ before it was to late.

Write down a name on my comments of who you know is hurting and will make an effort to reach out to.

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