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Jim Elliot & the Killer

From Colorado Springs,

Mincaye_3Wow, I just got done watching “End of the spear” at Curtis Risky’s house. It is a documentary about the five missionaries who got killed by the Auca Indians, then later the family members of the murdered men when into the tribe and ended up leading them to Christ.

But the most powerful thing is how God allowed this to take place. Last night I flew into Colorado to work with CBA. When I got off the plane Curtis and his family took me to dinner. As we talked I was telling them how I adapted this quote from Jim Elliot (one of the men who was killed) to shape my life. “I would rather live a full life then a long life.” Well Barb, Curtis’s wife got super excited and enfolded a story of how her family wrote back and forth with Jim’s wife. And how the family members of some of the murdered men and Mincaye one of the murder’s of these men who later got saved stayed at her parents house.

This got me super excited and later tonight Curtis was showing me around his house and on his dresser was a picture of Mincaye and a necklace Mincaye gave him made of a pigs tooth and beads. It’s sitting next to me I write this.

It’s crazy to think that this man who took part in killing Jim Elliot and his four friends now has such close impact on my life. This proves true Rom 8:28.

Think about this other quote Jim Elliot wrote “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose”

This makes me want to reach beyond my grasp for Christ in my own life, how about you?

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