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PATMOS PARK is featured in Outreach Magazine

PATMOS_park_outreach_magazine Here is a picture from the Outreach Magazine site. Andrea Bailey Willits did a four page write up (A New Jersey Church is Giving Kids – A NEW WAY TO RIDE) and she didn’t hold back on the quotes or who we are. She did a great job at capturing the heart of our ministry.

Here is a brief description that’s on their site.

“A NEW WAY TO RIDE. A New Jersey church creates a state-of-the-art bike and skate park. The Sept/Oct issue also profiles many other churches effectively reaching their communities. Sometimes the ideas are extraordinary, like Shore Fellowship creating a new place to ride … and to find Jesus. Other times it’s just a new twist on the ordinary.. What’s your new idea for great impact?”

I’ll post the article in the next few days. (I just need to scan it.)

Here is the story on how PATMOS PARK got started.

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