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What I put on David’s Rock!

Do you ever wonder what I put on David’s rock to give it such accuracy, such power, such heart that it’s still talked about today?

A simple thing as a rock, to take out the world’s top warrior. Yes, I did it! I used this week boy with a sling and a small smooth stone to magnify who I AM. My untamed power, and I long to do it again.


But I need a humble and contrite heart, a heart that will run back into Starbucks to return a nickel because the cashier gave them too much. A heart that does the speed limit because they love Me. This is the heart I will use to change the course of history.


As My eyes run to and fro, I look, I look fervently with passionate expectation for that heart that I will talk about for all of eternity.


Are you the heart?


Are you the one?


The one that will go against all odds, trust Me in the face of opposition, jump off the cliff when there is no bridge? Come, come… come. Let me use you to rewrite history.


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