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What would you do with 30 days to live?

Today I just went to my friend Bill’s funeral. He is a testimony of a passionate dude who lived his last days for the Lord.

I met Bill about 2 years ago during a PATMOS meeting. He and his wife just recently started walking with the Lord. They grew so fast. He would always tell me…”take care of that beautiful wife and kids God gave you.”

How I miss those words as he struggled to say them from his wheel chair on Sunday mornings as he served as an usher.

The last 6 months have been a roller coaster for him. He was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors first told him he was healed and then called him back and gave him only weeks to live.

But those last days he remained excited. Almost like a bride about to get married. He would encourage our Friday morning prayer group to fight to see people come to Christ.

The last week at the 5:30am prayer group I was in his circle. It was four of us. We all give one prayer and go into a covenant to pray everyday for 7 days.

Bill’s last prayer request was that the men of the church would hand out the church series cards to lead people to Christ. I take that as our marching orders.

What would you do with 30 days to live?

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