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I Need Your help – Ministry Branding

Abiah_marketing-_branding I’m teaching a workshop in Orlando at the International Christian Retail Show in July on Marketing and Branding in the New Day of Christian Retail. Some of the big speakers who will be there include Chuck Colson, Dave Kinnaman and Anne Graham Lotz. (Billy Graham’s daughter) I will be focusing on helping the Christian bookstores compete against the Borders and Amazons of the world.

Can you give me feed back on what you like and don’t like about shopping at a Christian book store?

Why would you shop at a Borders or Amazon instead of an independent Christian retail store or the other way around?

Your advice on how we can help advise them to make it better?

Or anything else that comes to mind that could help me. And if it’s ok, I would like to use your comments in my workshop.

Thanks for making a world difference in Christian retail for Christ

Clients We Have Helped

  • RZIM
  • Billy Graham
  • ECFA
  • Younglife
  • Moody