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Talkabilty – Discerning between overnight trends & sustainability

I was thinking about the difference between “positive trend talkability” and “positive value talkabilty.”

Positive trend talkability comes like a flood, but soon leaves like a gold digger that found out their partner went bankrupt. Ok, that is a little drastic, but the truth of the matter is trendy brands that get front-page coverage seem to fade away within a few years.

In the last 3 years I remember everybody trying to align themselves with Tom’s Shoes. The climax was the AT&T commercial. But in the last 6 months or so the excitement has seemed to die down. Even those in my circle of influence who once was super excited to talk about their over priced slip-ons has seemed to disappear. Don’t get me wrong, I love Tom’s cause but think this is a great example to illustrate my point.

On the other hand there are brands that have positive value talkability like Snap-on tools that never make prime time, but have captured their markets tongue and have held it for at least the last fifteen-years I know of. You can walk into any mechanic shop and ask what is the best tool brand and you will find the majority of them will rave about Snap-on.

I believe the difference between the two is that once is focused on the emotional value (trend) and the other is focused on the tangible service or product (value).

SIDEBAR: There is a split in emotional value:
1. How you make people feel by helping others
2. Elevating the self view of the purchaser (like weary a piece of Tiffany’s jewelry)

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