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Poor Pizza Shop…Shift, Baby Shift

When I was growing up there was a pizza place in the mall near my house, that had a well known name. Actually, it’s still in that mall, about a mile from my house, but rarely do you hear its name.

It’s because the mall it’s in was once a hot bed for traffic. But then the “bigger, better” mall was built about 10 minutes down the road. Yep, all the traffic and the smart stores moved to that mall, but not this pizza shop.

Now 15 years later my mom drops off a few slices of pizza and tells me where it’s from. It triggered my memory to all the great things that this pizza brand was known for. As I sat there eating the pizza, I noticed that even their box that was once branded with their name was now just generic.

We can learn a lesson from this example. When a brand is surrounded by a movement of life and culture and notices that it shifts…shift with it. Don’t sit around hoping it will once be like it was.

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