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What would you do with 30 days to live?

Today I just went to my friend Bill’s funeral. He is a testimony of a passionate dude who lived his last days for the Lord. I met Bill about 2 years ago during a PATMOS meeting. He and his wife just recently started walking with the Lord. They grew so fast. He would always tell ...Continue Reading...

2008 “Best Global Brands” Ranking by Interbrand

Not sure if you have seen the 2008 “Best Global Brands” ranking by Interbrand yet. It was released about a week ago. It’s a must see if you haven’t or don’t know about it. Coca-Cola is still leading the world and growing. And all but one financial company has decreased since last year. I guess ...Continue Reading... ranked #1 out of 2.6 million by Google

Wow has it been a while, but not with out reason. Abiah has been growing so much it has caught a lot of my focus. Here is some cool news. Google is ranking #1 out 2.6 million under the term “Christian Branding.” Check it out for your self. Read the release at Reading...

Workshop Surprise (update)

I was renting a movie at our local Christian bookstore and there was some information the needed from me. The girl went in the back to get it. While I was waiting I noticed this copy of Christian Retail. I picked it up and was flipping through it because I was interview in Florida at ...Continue Reading...

Coke’s pushing the envelope

Sooner or later a top brand will have to raise the anti so that they don’t blend in with the rest of competitors. Here is a newly designed line of Bottles by Coke. Very differentiating and fun. Definitely out of the norm. And notice that the value is not in the product itself but in ...Continue Reading...

Obama & Live Birth Abortion

I can’t tell you how much my heart hurts watching this video. Think about the MILLIONS of Children who are murdered in our country. If you believe that the holocaust took place that killed 6 million Jews. How about learning that “we,” in America have killed 10 times that. 60 million. Sure you would be ...Continue Reading...

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