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Dream Chaser / Start-Up

Ok, you’re under experienced, under funded and thinking about pursuing a crazy business idea.

From many perspectives it seems like you can never make it. You have experienced the hesitancy in your closest friends and family voices as you shared your idea with them.

So, are you going to listen to the majority? Or do you have a dream that is so real that you know this is why you were created?

Pursuing it may have you eating Ramon Noodles by the case for a few years, but isn’t the sacrifice exhilarating when you have a clear goal your heading towards?

Trust me, I know it’s challenging when everything around you is screaming failure. I have spent the last decade (that means my twenties) pursuing “you gotta be crazy ideas.” I have been broke, laughed at and kicked out of college for following dreams.

This is a great economy to pursue your dream, because all the rules are being rewritten.

Grab a pen!

Clients We Have Helped

  • RZIM
  • Billy Graham
  • ECFA
  • Younglife
  • Moody