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You borrow my stage, I borrow yours (social media…what now???)

The strategy of leveraging audiences hasn’t changed because of social media. But, how it’s done has. Or I should say, who has the audiences. When Larry King, Jay Leno or the trade industry you belong to needs a guest or a keynote, this is how they process the decision.

A. OK Speaker – Ok Content – Huge Audience

B. Great Speaker – Great Content – Tiny Audience

80% or more of the time they will choose A, because a huge audience means more people, higher ratings and increased revenue. About 20% of the time the gatekeepers will be kind and bring up a person that has a heart-wrenching story, you know, one of those bootstrap to glory tear jerkiers.

Yes, the times have changed, reality TV has taken over glossy flossy actors and Twitter is allowing the average person a tool to gain a following that will soon be compared to Oprah.

But, the one thing that hasn’t changed is this simple equation: Person + Huge Audience = Stage

The advent of social media is like watching the dice in Yahtzee, bouncing around not sure how they will fall. But one thing that will always stay they same is strategy. We are really just watching tactics change!

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