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Workshop Surprise (update)

Christian_RetailingGuy_Richards_brand_workshop I was renting a movie at our local Christian bookstore and there was some information the needed from me. The girl went in the back to get it. While I was waiting I noticed this copy of Christian Retail. I picked it up and was flipping through it because I was interview in Florida at the ICRS show about the workshop I taught. “Branding and Marketing in the New Day of Christian Retailing.”

It was so funny, a few pages in and I found it. The girl let me take it home so I could read it. For those who helped me with the survey and prayed for me I have an update. The conference went great. One lady called after the conference and told me she had enough of her newly formed Jewelry Company and was about to give up. It seemed to hard to get in front of stores and distributors. She was not yet in the 10 Christian retail stores CBA requires to set up a trade booth.

 After the first two days at the conference she decided not to go back. But because she paid for my workshop and couldn’t think about wasting the money, she came back. She told me God use this presentation to encourage her. With her renewed passion she went on to the trade floor determined to get the 10 stores she needed to get a trade booth for 09. The first person she approached unknowingly was a distributor. They loved her and she is now in talks of global distribution. (Here is the release on Abiah’s site)

Another cool thing that I found from CBA was that out of all the workshops my workshop was the most attended.

I see God’s hand moving in the Christian business community. They need Brand Development and Communication help and God is and raising up people who will bring it.

Will you answer the call?

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