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Gifted for Business (Sunday Insight #11)

I have come across a theme that seems to follow Christian business people. The theme is that, we are not as Holy as those who are in full time ministry.

I have wrestled with this on occasions. But I have no desire to be a pastor. I love business, I love ministry, but more importantly I love ministering in business. I love being a light with the skills I have been given in brand development and social strategy.

Let me share something with you that came right from the red words, yep, Jesus’ lips.

“I tell you, use your worldly resources to benefit others and make friends. In this way, your generosity stores up a reward for you in heaven.” Luke: 16:9 (NLT)

This may sound weird but I want to share it:
I love making money for business owners.
I love analyzing competitive weakness, strengths and opportunities.
I love building strategy’s to increase my client’s market share.
I love design, for no other reason than style at times.

BECAUSE, it allows me to use the gifts I have been given to win people’s trust and favor, which gives me their ear to talk to about Jesus (or increases resources for Kingdom work). And sharing that Jesus can set souls free is my favorite thing. It makes me complete.

I’m not sure why God has built me with these seemingly weird, but complimentary gifts. But like a runner was built to run with the speed that God gives Him, which makes Him smile, so I thrive forward because I feel at home it this realm.

The moral of this rant is that God has created you as a businessperson, yes as a Christian businessperson and wants you to not walk with your head low because you can’t seem to find an example of the gifts you have in anyone you know. Remember God builds unique people for unique times.

Trust Him and focus on what you have given to make Jesus known… while there is time left.

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