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Ground Zero (Sunday Insight #4)

Have you ever measured your plans to eternity? I mean after this life and on to the next?

Or do your plans stop at retirement or death in this life?

When a person realizes that this life is an arena that determines the results of their eternal dwelling, their definition of success should change. Which would redefine their goals and plans.

I’m a person who believes that after this life everyone ends up in one of two places… heaven… or hell. And the final destination is determined by one thing; has a person asked Jesus Christ to forgive their sins and be the Lord of their life.

Because of my belief I have a choice; I can coast through this life being quiet so I don’t offend anyone, or I can step up and use the resources and time I have left to help others spend eternity with God in heaven.

The second choice is hard! I will be criticized and mocked by others who think what I believe is made up and in some circles become a social outcast. But if I don’t speak up but state that I believe that every person, no matter how good they are will go to hell if they don’t ask Jesus Christ to forgive them and be their Lord… I’m a hypocrite. It’s like a fireman who wouldn’t save a person from a burning building because he didn’t want to offend her by picking her up.

Does your plans stop in this life?

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