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Remove the Pitfall (Sunday Insight #18)

I was recently watching one of the Billy Graham Classic crusades. I heard him passionately warn that living for Christ is not easy, but worth it. He then told why it was worth it, “because God will allow them to spend eternity in heaven when they die.”

It’s common for people who are having a hard time to look for relief. And they usually don’t mind where it comes from as long as they believe it will stop the pain. Unfortunately, becoming a Christian doesn’t insure the pain will stop, right away.

But it does insure that the pain will stop when you die.

A Christ follower has the hope of the mansion God has promised, where pain doesn’t exist. But in this life, they could have hard times, be negatively talked about and hated by the one who leads the push to conceal the truth from those who don’t know Jesus.

This week God opened an opportunity for me to tell a guy, that following Jesus Christ is hard but worth it. I urged him to count the cost before he made his decision. With tears in his eyes, I left him for the night. In the morning he told me he believed Jesus did live a perfect life and died for him.

He has made a decision to follow Jesus Christ. Now, when hard times come, because they will, hopefully he will not fall back.

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