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Satan’s Move (Sunday Insight #14)

I was snowboarding at Breckenridge in CO this week. While I was in the lodge I had an intense discomfort to tell a man about Jesus who was next to me. I was trying to make eye contact with him, asking God for a direction, but nothing seemed to be working out and I didn’t want to force it.

I went to the bathroom, asked God to give me courage and an open a door with this man. This was a weird situation because I was about to go ride one of the best and biggest parks in the world. The jumps are like small PA, mountains. I knew I needed to have a strong frame of mind to ride this park, but this was blowing it. I had a pretty good feeling that if I didn’t witness to this guy that I would lose confidence while I was riding and put myself and this experience in jeopardy.

Then a thought came over me that this could be Satan forcing me in this direction to say something in what seemed to be a situation that wasn’t working out so he could condemn me, positioning me ineffective until my joy returned.

For the last 9 years that I have been following God I have never been able to pinpoint these unhealthy feelings to witness. I understand when it’s God. It feels pure, but this felt dirty.

I asked God to expose the truth to me and to give me favor with this man if it was Him who this urgency was coming from. I went back into the lodge and approached the man again, we caught eyes and I nodded with a smile hoping to feel him out. As I did the man gave me a hard look and walked away.

I decided that this might not be God. This caused me to ask God for an opportunity that I knew was from Him. Then I went out and started riding the park.

As I was in the lift line, headed back up to the top of the park, a kid asked to ride up with me. I agreed, by the looks of him I could tell he was a ripper. He asked me if I was having fun, which started a whole conversation about riding, school and life. That night I was going to be staying with my friend John who is the father-in-law to Olympic snowboarder Andy Finch. So I gently mentioned it. Before I knew it this young guy was engaged and I was sharing how Jesus took me from hustling crack to loving Him. That I never thought He cared or would love me but He did and that success was not in things, but Him. The kid was engaged and agreeing.

This all took place in about 8 minutes.

Then it clicked, God is not a legalistic Father who drives impossible tasks that He doesn’t help walk His children through. He is a loving Father who has an adversary who dresses up like Him trying to ruin His reputation with you and me. Creating an invisible bondage around our minds until we become full of guilt, shame and ineffective.

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