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The power of the messenger (Sunday Insight #6)

I received a text with a Bible verse from a person I know. But I dismissed it before I even thought about it because of the hypocritical lifestyle of the person who sent it.

Then I realized what I did. I dismissed the message of what I believe as truth, and that has power because of how I view the messenger.

This is a very faulty process for basing decisions on but the fact of the matter is, I do it. And I would venture to say the majority is like me, even if they don’t realize it.

We are all looking for realness… lived out. Not just spoken. We no longer listen but watch. We watch body language, inconsistencies in stories and habits in order to find truth. After all, there have been many who sounded great but ended up to be scammers.

In the case of Jesus this makes my heart hurt, because not one of His followers can live a perfect life like He modeled. No one can correctly represent the way He is. We lack the perfection (although those who live to make Him smile are noticeable).

Ask yourself; “is my view of Jesus based on people who are Christians but live an ugly lifestyle? Or how my philosophy class presented Him? Or so on.”

If so, you maybe wrong. Go direct, and ask Him to show you who He is.

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