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Who experiences God more? (Sunday Insight #10)

My friend Chris said something to me that echoed in my mind. He said, he believes that evangelists experience God more than anyone else. Because they are constantly depending on Him to talk to people about Him.

I agree with Him. I’m not saying that God only picks specific people to be evangelists, but what I’m saying is that when you ask God to support you in telling others about Him, He shows up.

Yesterday morning I asked God for an opportunity to tell someone about him. Which would be hard because I leave my home, head to the office, eat lunch at the office then head home. On a day like this where I bring my lunch, I rarely see new people.

Well, God set it up. I walked in my office and my heater was broke. I called the managing office and they sent a man out.

I held the flash light for him, moved things, anything he needed. And as I did my heart cared more and more for him.

Then he asked me about how I got were I am. I shared with him, and with in minutes we were talking about eternity.

He told me that he was a good person and I shared with him this story. I asked him if he had a brother. He said yes. Then I said, what if your brother’s girl friend cheated on him, then he killed her and before the cops found him he fled to Puerto Rico. While he was there he started an orphanage, homeless shelter and became well know as a great person.

While he was in Puerto Rico DNA surfaced and your brother was found and expedited back to stand trial. And you are the appointed judge.

Yes, your brother has done great things. But today in court he will be tried on the murder. Now the judge (the man I was talking too) loves his brother, so what does he do?

If the judge is just, he will convict his brother on the murder. All the good things wouldn’t even come into play. And it is the same with God. One day everyone will stand in His court. Though He loves us just like this man loves his brother. He will have to punish sin, and it will break His heart. Because everyone has been born with sin, no one will be able to bypass His courtroom, no matter how many good things we do.

That murder that I pretended the brother committed is the same as a little lie in God’s eyes. It is enough to spend eternity in hell after this life.

But the great news is that our Judge got off the bench and came and took our penalty on the cross. His name is Jesus Christ. It wasn’t the nails that held Him there but His love for us, for you.

Just like a gift can only be owned once it’s received, so Jesus stands at the door of your heart with this gift of eternal life with Him.

Will you receive that gift?

PS. Yes this man stared at me intently as if no one ever told him the truth. And although he couldn’t get past the fact that maybe God would let him in without accepting Jesus as his Savoir, or maybe there is nothing after this world. God gave Him an opportunity to hear truth. And I was privileged to allow God to send me.

Then I challenged him to get alone in the shower, kneel down and ask God if He is real to show him.”

When I saw his eyes I knew God had set this up. And for me the words of Chris echoed in my mind, “the evangelist experiences God more than anyone else.” Let me reframe that, the Christ follower that is willing to do their job, experiences God like no other.

It is hard, scary and inconvenient, but won’t it be worth it when you see that person on the other side of this life? That is worth being laughed at by some.

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