Download a complimentary copy of TALKABLE by Guy Richards


Free prerelease copy of my book, Talkable

As most of you know I have written my first book, Talkable, Building your brand from the inside out, which will be released in August (to the public). But for my avid readers and supporters, you can get it now.

There will not be a big ad campaign or an Oprah review. So I need you, your dog, friends, and second cousin’s nephew to read it, talk about it and then put it in the hands of someone it could help.

I will be giving away 200 copies of Talkable:

1. If you’re a subscriber of this blog

2. If you’re in the United States (because of shipping), a blogger or have an active Twitter or Facebook account and would love to review the book

3. Will post a review of 200 words or more on your blog or tweet/post excepts from the book

4. Email me with your information and I will ship it free of charge!

PS. They are on a first-come, first-get-it basis.


Talkable Book Prerelease CLA / Guy Richards from Guy Richards on Vimeo.

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