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Internal Breakdowns and bad Talkability!

What happens when employees don’t know the facts? It frustrates the buyers, creates negative word-of-mouth and creates a reputation of distrust.

My sister’s boyfriend just started a power washing business. He bought a truck, trailer and a power washer.

I was with my cousin and brother this morning. My cousin Jose said that Jason (my sister boy friend) was told by an employee at The Home Depot that the power washer he purchased from them had a 2 year warrantee on it…if something went wrong, they would replace the whole thing.

Well, it broke 32 days after it was purchased. He took it to The Home Depot to find that the power washer has a 30 replacement policy and a 2 year manufacture defect warrantee.

I’m not sure what The Home Depot employee communicated to Jason, but what I know is that today Home Depot was not being talked about in a good light.

A few weeks ago my credit card processing company did something similar. One employee told me I had a $10,000 cap per customer, per month. Then days later another employee told me it was set at $7,500.

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