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Talkable is a reality! (My book)

Talkable_cover Today I received prerelease copies of my “first” book, Talkable. I feel like a young kid on Christmas morning.

Here is an overview and what a few people have said about it.

PS. I’ll be giving away free copies in the weeks ahead. Keep an eye out. 


“Any brand that has become the benchmark of its
industry is because it was or still is so unique that
people can’t help but to talk about it.”

It’s easy to believe that the success of your brand is dictated by the size of your budget, the boldness of your advertising or the clout of those you know. Not so! Brands rise and fall according to a little factor called Talkability. Being positively Talkable means that your brand delivers such a uniquely great experience that the person on the receiving end can’t help but talk about it.

What can you do to become positively Talkable? No matter how big, small or unique your brand, Guy Richards, founder and CEO of award-winning brand development firm Abiah, will help elevate you to the next level. In 60 powerful insights, he shares the tools a brand can use to discover, align and manage profitable, sustainable growth from the inside out.


“I’ve never met someone as infectious and full of life as Guy. It’s difficult to spend any time with him and not believe that anything and everything is possible. In this book, he accomplishes the near impossible, capturing that heart for communication in a portable vehicle.”
-JONATHAN ACUFF, Author and Blogger, Stuff Christians Like

“Guy’s energy and focus on devising solutions for clients is incredible.”
-ANAEZI MODU, Executive Director and Founder, ReBrand

“Rarely have I met or heard anyone so passionate and focused as Guy Richards—both on work, yet more importantly on life! These “kernels” of business savvy are borne out of his rich experience and tempered with his zest for living.”
-DAVID BRUCE, Executive Assistant to Billy Graham, BGEA

“No one knows more about building a brand from the inside out than Guy Richards. His passion to help Christian ministries is undeniable.”
-FRANK LOFARO, President/CEO, Christian Leadership Alliance

“If you have a small brand and small budget, scream for joy, because this is the only time in history that you have had the opportunity to exponentially grow within a small timeframe as a result of becoming positively Talkable from social strategy. Guy’s book shows you how!”
-BOBB BIEHL, President, Masterplanning Group

Clients We Have Helped

  • RZIM
  • Billy Graham
  • ECFA
  • Younglife
  • Moody