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AMI – Atlantic Medical Imaging

Industry Setting -

AMI is a full service medical imaging company with 6 locations, 30 radiologists and 300 employees. They own 90% of the market in Southern New J

Project Desire -

AMI planned to expand their reach and moved into the central New Jersey market. After 2 years in the unknown territory, they realized they overestimated their brand’s relevance and strength. Their daily patient count was flat, despite all of their efforts to vary marketing strategies and increase frequency.

Solution -

Our strategy was to gain insight in the pulse of the market. We uncovered that the image AMI was projecting did not match their quality of equipment and environment. We then repositioned AMI to be more relevant, authentic and focused the brand message… “Accurate answers. Fast.” We also put in place a word-of-mouth campaign to capture the hearts of the patients. AMI now gives out a $5 Barnes & Noble card in a branded AMI box to every patient.

Result -

AMI’s daily patient count has increased, they opened 2 more locations in this area, and their marketshare has more than tripled.

  • "Our business steady increased after rebranding. Looking back I see that our decision to hire Abiah marked the point when we stopped playing defense and started playing offense in the very competitive business of outpatient imaging."

    - Stephen McManus, M.D., Partner, AMI


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