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John Stott Ministries/Langham Partnership

Industry Setting -

John Stott Ministries/Langham Partnership International is a nonprofit that is focused on developing the global church through biblical maturity. The organization is made up of 7 international partners and has affiliate partners in more than 60 nations.

Project Desire -

Before he passed in late 2011, John Stott requested that his six international partnerships unite under a common name and brandmark.

Solution -

Abiah developed a consistent international identity system that could be slightly adapted to distinguish the individual partnerships. This was a very detailed project, so we made sure the individuals representing the international partnerships agreed on the brand’s strategic, creative, and cultural positioning.

Result -

John Stott Ministries/Langham Partnership has been able to excite and reactivate it’s current base, while expanding new supporters with help from the brand/marketing strategy and design.

  • "We presented a project of high difficulty – and we could not be more pleased. I refer to Guy Richards as a genius. He truly is. Further, Guy and his team aligned themselves as a matter of heart with our mission. That sense of shared ownership made the hard work sweeter, but also contributed to the successful result."

    - Ben Homan, CEO, John Stott Ministries


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Clients We Have Helped

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