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What makes Abiah different?

1. Our client research methodology: 

Marketing is all about answering the “Unasked question in the consumer mind.” It is the reasons they choose you over other options. It could be kindness, ease of transaction, price or future benefits like warranties that leads to peace of mind. Most consumers do not know how to articulate these reasons they make purchasing decisions. But when an organization knows what the reasons are they are able to increase the amount of leads, sales/donations and times spent marketing for every dollar the organization spents.

Abiah has created a system of getting the reasons of purchase out of the client/donor through a proprietary methodology called BrandReturn that the US Patent and Trademark office issued a registration to Abiah for.

2. Our competitor ranking methodology:

Once we extract the (mostly) subconscious reasons customers decide to buy from one organization rather than another, we point our attention to all the decisions your customers have to spend their money with other organizations rather then with you. This is a list of competitors that your customers/donors mention.

The latest study from ECFA show that 89% of those over the age of 35 and 94% of those under 35 go to your website before they every pickup the phone, email or walk through your door. Now that we know your customers direct value we can rank all competitors based off that data and Abiah’s proprietary 5 category ranking system they we have developed in our BrandReturn process.

3. Articulating the things that will increase sales/donations:

Now that we know the first and second most important things:

1. What your customers want

2. What your competitors market

…we go to work with the executives of your organization and create a simple 2-3 page document, with value proposition claims that align with each of your segments desires and rank them in order of what we “think” is most valuable to them based off our research. After the claims are development, we go to work to help the organization create a plan to deliver on these claims and provide evidence of proof.

Abiah defines a brand “as a claim of distinction that is supported by credible evidence.” And credible evidence is why people pick you.

4. Testing claims and making money:

Marketing is no longer about theory. It is black or white because of online metrics. Abiah creates a segment of potential customers we purchase through Google and we test the list of claims created for each segment. The claim that provides the highest return wins. What we mean by return is, client pays $7 per lead, $27 per sale and average sale is $125. That means it cost $27 for every $125 purchase. The next questions is how many times a day can I do that?

Abiah services to support this process are:
Brand Naming
Corporate Identity Design
Web Design
Collateral Material
Brand manuals
Internal Alignment Consulting
Service Consulting
Social Media Consulting


Clients We Have Helped

  • RZIM
  • Billy Graham
  • ECFA
  • Younglife
  • Moody