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Be clear about your brand promise

Most leaders understand what a brand promise is, but for a recap. A brand promise is the claim of distinction made to the market. The more value the promise has, the harder it is to deliver, but the more market favor your organization will given in comparison to your competitors.

Fedex – The world on Time
Toms – One for One
BMW – The ultimate driving machine
Target – Expect more. Pay less.
Compassion – Helping release children from poverty in Jesus’ name

These brands have stuck their neck out with their claims. They have connected with the market and have been able to deliver on their promise, accelerating them as market leaders.

Ministry, business or government… small, medium or large; here are 4 brand promise principles to accelerate you.

1. A brand promise creates a plan
The primary purpose of a brand promise is to tip customers/donors in your favor. The secondary purpose is to inspire your team to push industry boundaries, which creates engagement and inspiration.

2. No promise, no standard
Not having a brand promise is comparable to having a bad one. Without a brand promise there is not an organizational standard to live up to. Which places you in the ordinary category from the customers/donors perspective and creates internal disengagement.

3. Aligning unspoken market needs
The claim you make should be something your market is craving (and sometimes, not necessarily asking for) and competitors are not or having trouble delivering on.

4. Deliver, deliver, and deliver
The hardest part of any promise is keeping it. Over promise and under delivery is one of the main reasons organizations fail. There is a saying, “great marketing will put an average business under.”

Know what your cause is, know what your competing for, know your competitive rank and build a plan to offer and deliver the best.

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