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Small Business… get to the trusted friend!

My friend Bill is a one-man-show of TWO businesses. One is, or I should say he is a photographer (Bill Banks Photography) and a computer technician (Advance Users).

The other day he was venting and explained how he was on a photo shoot and noticed that the company’s computers were not setup properly. He questioned the company about them and the owner said, “I know they are wrong I just don’t have the right people.”

He then shared a statement he tells his clients. “Have people in your life that know, that you can trust, so you can hear what they say and do what they say.”

Bill understands the key to a great company-to-customer relationship is… trust! And in most industries trust is a competitive advantage because so few companies value it or work to establish it.

Educating your clients builds trust that leads to a relationship that is framed on a strong foundation. Your customer’s advocacy will eventually spill over and secure your growth.

I know this is out of the norm of what the majority of marketers would suggest because it doesn’t sell for much and it won’t reap an instant return. But it will lead to a great reputation and profitable sustainability.

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