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The Social Mores of Brand Culture

Social mores are not rules, but undefined social codes of conduct that a culture lives by. They are things you can’t be punished by the government for, but by the people who belong to the group.

It could be picking your nose at your family’s get-togethers, or going the wrong way on an escalator in Macy’s.

Social mores are highly found in strong brand cultures. Image if a new Apple executive owned a Blackberry, or an employee at Tom’s shoes wore Nike’s. How long to you think they would last?

From a follower standpoint: What if a Honda rider wore a Harley jacket, or a fan wore a tie-dye Grateful Dead shirt to a Jay-Z show?

The stronger the brand culture the more socially punished you get for breaking the groups social mores… and the groups social mores are set by the conviction of the values the leadership live by.

Weak conviction = weak culture.

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