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How to use social media? (your .com, blog and twitter account)

Think of your blog as your Sunday best face and your Twitter account like your weekday face. Ok, I hope you don’t have a church face and everything else face, but hopefully you get the picture.

Our culture craves authenticity, because it is so rare today. So we stand in the corners watching from a distance. Hoping to find proof that what you say on your blog, business site or stage is who you really are when your hair is let down.

Three things to remember:

  1. Your business site is where you offer marketplace value and showcase your results.
  2. Your blog is where you create innovative thought leadership.
  3. Your Twitter and Facebook account is where you interact as a real human.

Not much room for error these days. Because the world has never had a better magnifying glass to search for authenticity.


Dedicated to a new mentor @justinthesouth… and you can follow me at @branddelight

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