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Words That Change Your Life Course

My good friend Chris who has been a great influence in my life sent this verse over the other day. It is powerful. Imagine if we spoke only positive things that agreed with what God wants for our life and cut out the rest. It will be hard, but I can’t get the picture out ...Continue Reading...

Put a face on those who need Christ

Can you put a face of the person you want to see come to Christ. On the last post I asked you to write the names of the people you wanted to see come to Christ. Did you do you reach out to them yet? Without action there is no progression. Another reality check. The ...Continue Reading...

Friend overdosed

On Sunday walking into Church I saw a man who said hi and gave the expression like he knew me. I said, hi nodded back and started walking by. About 8 steps later it hit me. This was my friend Andy’s brother. I turned around said “ your Andy’s brother.” He said yes. I was ...Continue Reading...

Relational Influence

Time has been blowing by. In the last three weeks I have been hanging out with my daughter Brighton a lot, because my wife Heidi has been taking care of our newborn Canyon. I have watched how the dynamic of my relationship with my daughter has grown. Before this she seems to favor my wife. ...Continue Reading...

Billions For Christ

Last week was great.I got to meet so many people that are making a true and huge impact for God in this world. One of them was Ken Blanchard. Winnie, who is the copywriter for Abiah wrote a book called Faith at Work that Ken endorsed with a testimonial. So, before I left for the ...Continue Reading...

God Moments at the ICRS Show

On Thursday I was sitting at the Abiah booth talking with Mark from Outreach Magazine and noticed Brian “Head” Welch formally from Korn walking towards us. He stopped next to us. When I looked over again I saw Chris was talking to him. For a moment I couldn’t figure it out. Chris had been witnessing ...Continue Reading...

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